Philosophy of Ministry

Though the joy from serving is great, ministry is complex and challenging; and each minister and congregation is unique. That is why ministry style and dynamics are important considerations when seeking a match that will benefit both the minister and the congregation. It’s not possible for me to completely communicate my philosophy, passions and vision in this document, but it is my earnest desire to share those things which truly guide and motivate my service.

Consider a place where joy and love sprout from wellsprings of deep conviction and faith. Picture a place where a vision for God’s glory is growing within and resonating without (1 Thess. 1:8). Envision a church where Jesus’ compassion is extended to all and generosity is witnessed in acts of joyful sacrifice and service (Col. 3:12‐16). Think of a vibrant spiritual home where the emotional pain, scars and temptations in life are cared for by godly friends who intercede in prayer and in extending personal help (1 Pet. 4:8‐11). Consider a community of unity where Biblical truth and grace glorify the Savior and resonate in evangelism (John 17:21‐24). Imagine a place where burdens are shared by Christian brothers and sisters who encourage you while joys are multiplied as Christ changes lives (Gal. 6:1‐2). This is the church of my dreams. This is the picture that the New Testament paints for us and I know that it is still possible today (Acts 2:41‐46). The church is not a perfect place, but yet in a sense it reaches to heaven’s gates. The church I dream of is inspired by a clear vision of her Savior and the cherishing of His gospel.

I want to live and die equipping God’s flock. As a Christian leader I have a joyous accountability to God to be an effective steward of the spiritual gifts that He has blessed me with. My capacity to perform the work of an evangelist and teacher (Eph. 4:11) comes from the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. My entire life can be condensed into one simple statement: I was put here on earth to be a follower of Jesus Christ and to spread a passionate zeal for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To help accomplish that goal, I believe God has placed within me three particularly strong desires: 1) to preach and teach the Word of God, 2) to inspire the Church to reach for unity through the Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the written revelation of God, and 3) to develop the next generation of Christian leaders so that they always seek to glorify God, serve His Church and develop more servant‐leaders.
  1. It is a privilege to dedicate myself to the craft of teaching and preaching, seeking to improve and develop my ability to reach people with the entire counsel of God. In my preaching, I always desire to be dependent upon prayer, the Holy Spirit and the perfect Word of God. I am excited to live for the glory of God by helping to build His church (Eph. 3:21). With each sermon or Bible class I prepare for, my earnest desire is to craft a lesson that will reach each person on their particular level of spiritual maturity, teach them something new and inspire them to passionately live out the Word of God.
  2. It is my desire to see the Church fully united and truly functioning as Christ’s body. Guided by the Holy Spirit we must hold fast to Christ, His love for humanity and the Bible. Doing this prepares us to be authentic followers of Christ ready to help transform lives and radically impact a lost world.
  3. Each of us holds the ability and responsibility to impact the lives of others and empower them to fulfill their potential for Christ and in turn reach out to others. This power of multiplicity will help the Church to not only grow followers of Christ but also future leaders of the Church. This is an opportunity that I hold dear and passionately seek to fulfill.